Where can produce knurled brass knobs in China?

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This knurled brass knobs represents the absolute top-of-the-line in guitar parts!

These knurled brass knobs are a pair of solid brass machined knobs as used on all new Slick brand guitars. These are machined from solid billet brass, then polished to a beautiful natural brass look. Enjoy the genuine brass patina or polish it back to a high gloss with standard jewelry or metal polish.

These knobs have delrin plastic inserts for perfect press-fit onto any modern split shaft pots.

Solid brass, chrome plated replacement knobs. These are heavy metal knobs with set screws for really secure mounting on all split shaft pots. These are the correct vintage dome style with fine cross hatching, These fit most split shaft pots perfectly, using a vintage flat-head style setscrew for secure mounting.

VMT is a hardware component manufacturers, can be processed brass, aluminum, stainless steel parts, the user first, efficiency second. If you are looking for knurled aluminum knobs, contact us.

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