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VMT CNC turning services center is equipped with hard-wired CNC controls and tools to minimize set-up times, as well as automatic part catching and indexing capabilities. Our CNC turning machines also possess magazine bar feeders with 4 bar stock length capacity to increase production efficiency. All of these features make our innovative CNC turning machinery well-suited for the manufacturing of highly complex, precision parts.

CNC turning services

With a 10 chucking capacity, our CNC turning services are capable of turning parts measuring up to 20 inches in length, meeting ultra-tight tolerances of ± 0.0002 . Our advanced CNC turning machinery epitomizes Rable Machine s commitment to possessing the most innovative technology for the production of high-quality, precision parts.

With the ability to handle all of our clients unique manufacturing needs, from low- to high-volume production and prototyping, Rable Machine offers top-notch CNC turning services for the creation of highly intricate products. Contact us today to learn more.

CNC Turning Centers

CNC Turning Centers enable the manufacturing of very complex parts. Our machines are equipped with dual spindles and live tools allowing for parts to come off our machines complete.

We reliably serve a wide range of industrial sectors, from aerospace to medical to power generation. Our turning processes include:

Contour, Form, Taper, and Straight Turning

External and Internal Threading

Facing, Drilling, and Boring

Aerospace Alloys, Inc. accommodates most common metals, and features CNC machines and CAM programming. To learn more and inquire about additional services, please contact us today.

CNC turning services at our world class facility. Known throughout the industry for the unsurpassed quality and accuracy of our precision CNC turning, we can ensure the performance of each component we produce. Were constantly working to improve our processes with the addition of new equipment and advanced technology to our facility.

CNC turning services

We utilize a wide variety of precision CNC turning machines, offering superb versatility and fast, efficient production. The precision CNC turning equipment at C&H Machine is designed to deliver extreme accuracy, with tight tolerances and outstanding consistency for complex designs. We have CNC lathes with turning capacities up to 3in diameter through the spindle, 24swing, and 2.5bar feed capacity. We have CNC lathes that use live tooling to perform secondary milling operations in the same setup, producing fully-machined components with short lead times. Our 6 axis screw machine uses multiple live tools to complete precision CNC turning projects with maximum efficiency.

CNC turning is best suited for parts with diameters. With secondary CNC milling operations, the final part can have a variety of shapes or features. Parts with any diameter are potentially suitable for KLHs turn/mill machine, including knobs, pulleys, bellows, flanges, shafts, and bushings.

Turn/mill centers are extremely efficient for small to large-sized, high volume contract manufacturing. Features such as a bar feeder, part catcher, and chip conveyor all maximize run time.

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