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Our CNC Machining Components Services



VMT has 300 machine tools, the online custom CNC machining components service provided has greatly shortened the production cycle and reduced the cost of parts, and quickly produced a large number of high-precision CNC machining components parts. We have a large number of customized processing partners, and have passed SGS on-site inspection, ISO9001: 2015 certification, IATF16949.VMT can use more than 40 metal materials to process parts, and detect the surface finish of the product and perform different surface treatments. Come and contact us for free samples and design analysis solutions and quotations.




cnc machining machine


CNC turning machine


CNC Machining


CNC Turning


300 CNC machining machines more than 40 kinds of metal materials and 15 kinds of surface treatments the appearance is carried out according to the Apple appearance standard. Various processes combined with CNC machining free evaluation DFM analysis quality control.


CNC machining components service with monthly output up to 300000 pieces free review drawing optimization quotation and DFM within 4 hours.Complete CNC prototype machining manufacturing and delivery within 24 hours.




VMT can provide a variety of additional custom CNC machining components services to better assist you in completing your project. Such as CNC prototype machining, extrusion + CNC machining, die-casting + CNC machining, etc.





CNC Prototype Machining


Extrusion + CNC Machining


Die-Casting + CNC Machining



CNC Prototype Machining


Extrusion + CNC Machining


Die-Casting + CNC Machining

CNC prototyping before mass production is important. Simple CNC prototypes can be proofed in 1 day, and complex CNC prototypes can be proofed in 3 days. VMT has an independent CNC prototype manufacturing project team, advanced CNC machines, strict quality control and CNC prototype processing project engineers with 20 years of experience, and can carry out CNC prototype machining according to your needs.    

VMT has been working with extrusion manufacturers for 10 years. We can manufacture all kinds of complicated aluminum profiles, and then carry out CNC machining. While reducing the cost of CNC machining components parts, it also ensures the quality of CNC machining components parts. We can customize CNC machining components parts according to your drawing requirements to provide the best solution.


Need a custom CNC machined components part? VMT has been working with die casting manufacturers for 10 years. Die-cast CNC machining components parts of various sizes, we use two strict die-casting processes to ensure that your customized CNC machining needs are met, the cost of CNC machining is reduced, and high-quality CNC machining components parts are obtained, which can support small and large batch production.












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CNC Machining Components Project Engineer with 20 Years of Experience








Start custom CNC machining Components production


Our concept is to make the best custom CNC machining components parts from the beginning!




Prototype Machining Manufacturing


Video Communication


Mass Production




Projects Quick Quotation


Video Communication


Mass Production

Before the prototype is manufactured, we will give you a detailed quotation, CNC machining, testing, etc. Delivered in the shortest possible time. So that you can confirm the next steps and bring them to market.     

After sample production confirmation, it is inevitable that there will be problems, such as drawing modification and high cost. Don't worry. Our dedicated engineering team is ready to provide practical design advice and conduct video conferences on your CNC machined parts. 


Every CNC machining production run is documented in detail, and photos and videos are transparently shared with customers. Video communication can also be used to check the production process. Provide information required by customers.












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Samples of CNC Machined Components




aluminum CNC Machining Components parts


brass CNC Machining parts


aluminum CNC Machining parts


brass CNC Machining Components parts


Stainless steel CNC Machining Components parts


Stainless steel CNC Machining parts







5 Axis CNC Machined Parts samples






12 Quality Inspection Process


Learn how VMT's quality control team maintains strict quality standards by conducting dimensional and cosmetic inspections of each order during production. If there is any problem, we will communicate and solve it as soon as possible, or solve it in your way.



DFM Analysis

CNC machining components parts Dimensional Tolerance Determination

CNC machining components parts Material Testing

DFM Analysis Dimensional Tolerance Determination Material Testing

CNC machining components parts Production

CNC machining components parts FQC detection

CNC machining components parts spc/ckp

CNC Machining Production FQC detection SPC / CKP

CNC machining components parts Problem Found

CNC machining components parts problem solving

CNC machining components parts OQC Detection

Problem Found Problem Solving OQC Detection

cnc machining parts Surface Treatment factory

CNC machining parts Full Inspection

CNC machining components parts Package

Surface Treatment Full Inspection Package




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Custom CNC Machining Components Materials



It can perform CNC machining on parts made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, plastic and other materials. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable material, you can communicate with our engineer. He will recommend suitable processing materials for you according to your manufacturing needs and the performance of CNC machining components parts. We have prepared 40 kinds of material inventory to ensure that customers' prototypes and small batch precision CNC machining components parts production are completed within 24 hours. Some of our materials are approved by IMDS. Material reports are available.




aluminum CNC machining components parts



  Lead Time: < 10 days
  Tolerances: ±0.125mm (±0.005″)
  Max part size: 285 x 200 x 135 x 100 cm
  More Details>>                                                                            




brass CNC machining components parts



  Lead Time: < 10 days
  Wall Thickness: 0.75 mm
  Tolerances: ±0.125mm (±0.005″)
  Max part size: 200 x 80 x 100 cm
  More Details>>                                                                           




copper CNC machining components parts



  Lead Time: < 10 days
  Wall Thickness: 0.75 mm
  Tolerances: ±0.125mm (±0.005″)
  Max part size: 200 x 150 x 120 x 80 x 60 x 20 x 100 cm
  More Details>>                                                                          




stainless steel CNC machining components parts


Stainless Steel                                                

  Lead Time: < 10 days
  Wall Thickness: 0.75 mm
  Tolerances: ±0.125mm (±0.005″)
  Max part size: 300 x 200 x 150 x 120 x20 cm
  More Details>>                                                                




Titanium CNC machining components parts



  Lead Time: < 10 days
  Wall Thickness: 0.75 mm
  Tolerances: ±0.125mm (±0.005″)
  Max part size: 200 x 80 x 100 cm
  More Details>>






VMT 5-axis CNC machining services provide common plastic

materials as follows:

  More Details>>              






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CNC Machining Components Surface Finishes



During the CNC machining componeents parts process, it is inevitable to leave visible tool marks, and we will use surface treatment to improve the function and appearance of CNC machining componeents parts. VMT has more than 15 kinds of surface treatment, 13 years of oxidation factory partners, 10 years of surface treatment experience experts, responsible for guaranteeing surface treatment problems. The following surface treatments are commonly used: 





            Name       Description       Materials       Color       Texture       Defect

5 axis cnc machining parts Chrome Plating


Chrome Plating

           Chrome Plating has the same effect as a polished mirror. It has an extra layer of electroplating than polishing into a mirror. Chrome Plating increases the wear resistance of parts. Rubbing with your hands will not affect the surface, as long as there is no hard object to collide and rub, there  will be no scratches. ...           Aluminum、Stainless Steel, Steel           Any Pantone shade           Smooth, mirror effect          

The cost is higher than anodizing and mirror polishing, and the material requirements are high.


5 axis cnc machining parts Hard Anodizing

          Hard Anodizing       What is the difference between normal anodizing and hard anodizing? Coating thickness, anodized 10μm. Hard anodized 20μm or more. ...       Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel etc.       Black, natural color, army green, gray, yellowish, brown, etc.       Smooth, mirror effect       Higher cost than anodizing

5 axis cnc machining parts Color Anodizing

        Color Anodizing       Color anodizing is available in camouflage and gradients. Customers can choose from a variety of colors based on Pantone shade numbers. ...       Aluminum etc.       Any Pantone shade       Smooth, matte effect       Higher cost than monochrome anodizing

5 axis cnc machining parts Painting

        Painting       It is suitable for parts that do not require high size, because the paint is relatively thick, which affects the size, ...       Aluminum       Any Pantone shade       Smooth, matte effect       No metallic texture on the surface

5 axis cnc machining parts electrophoresis

        Electrophoresis       If you want the parts to have good corrosion resistance and have a metallic texture on the surface, use electrophoresis. ...       Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel etc.       Any Pantone shade       Smooth, matte effect       Poor surface metal texture

5 axis cnc machining parts Sandblasting

        Sandblasting       Different sands are used to spray the surface of the parts, the surface requirements of the products are different, the sands used are also different, and the prices are also different. ...       ABS, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel etc.       Any Pantone shade       Smooth, matte effect       Iron sand is easy to rust, the effect of glass sand will be uneven, and the cost of zircon sand is high etc. 






Contact a Surface Preparation Specialist








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CNC Machining Components Tolerance



During the production process, we will implement the stricter standards than ISO Tolerances DIN ISO 2768-1 for the unrequired parts, and the CNC machining components standard tolerances of our machines.






Nominal linear range tolerance (mm)



Linear dimensions DIN ISO 2768-F   


Our CNC machining parts    


Our plastic parts  



0.5 up to 3


±.0.05 ±.0.02 ±0.05


over 3 up to 6


±.0.05 ±.0.03 ±0.05


over 6 up to 30 


±0.1 ±0.05 ±0.1


over 30 up to 120 


±0.15 ±0.05 ±0.15


over 120 up to 400


±0.2 ±0.1 ±0.2


Nominal angle range tolerance (mm)



Linear dimensions DIN ISO 2768-F Our metal parts Our plastic parts




±1° ±1° ±1°




±0°30′ ±0°30′ ±0°30′




±0°20 ±0°20 ±0°20




±0°10 ±0°10 ±0°10




Text and color

VMT can use CNC engraving or laser carving to create standard text based on customers’requirements.

VMT can customize any color according to customers' requirements.



Lead Time Simple CNC machining componeents parts: 1 day prototype machining delivery.
Complex CNC machining componeents parts: 3 days prototype machining delivery.







Why Choose Our CNC Machining Components Service



VMT has been focusing on CNC machining componeents parts for 13 years, and has been taking customers' requirements as requirements. There is a professional project team to promote your project. Don’t worry about the project being suspended due to various problems. If you are still not at ease, you can video inspect the factory or visit the CNC machining componeents parts factory. Welcome to contact us at any time, hoping to help you.





Design and engineering support


Design and engineering support



Small batch fast delivery and batch management


Small batch fast delivery and batch management


          An engineering team of 20 technicians is always ready to getprofessional suggestions from early-stage material seletion,custom prototyping design advice, to money-saving tips andtechnical reminders before parts manufacturing, all the wayto end-use production.                   We also specialize in low-volume manufacturing for variousindustries,such as automotive, aerospace, medical and more.Our wide range of lowvolume Production processes include CNC machining, rapid Tooling, die casting, and aluminum extrusion.      

Area treatment


Area treatment



Outsourcing and supply chain management


Outsourcing and supply chain management


          We boast a machine shop with CNC machining componeents parts centers in-house. This capacity helps us create prototypes and low-volume production parts in days. Our simultaneous CNC machining componeents parts allows continuous machining without stoppage, thereby ensuring faster production.                   Have an experienced project management team. 10-year partner indifferent processing and manufacturing processes such as casting,forging, stamping outsourcing factories.      

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

High quality 5 axis CNC parts


High quality CNC machining componeents parts

          We deliver 30% faster than our peers.Simple: complete proofing one day.Complex: 3 days to complete proofing.                   We strictly implement the quality management system to ensurethat the product quality is consistent and meets expectations.Comprehensive inspection, test report,also ensures that you receiveprecision CNC machining componeents parts without bad defects.      








See What Our Customers Say


Customer evaluation is the goal we pursue, see what our customers say to us.




5 axis CNC mahcining parts Customer Reviews-1


5 axis CNC mahcining parts Customer Reviews-2


5 axis CNC mahcining parts Customer Reviews-3

We have now tested the samples and foundout that their quality was very good.So, wewould like to order abatch of 1000 pcs of eachtype for our production.l look forward to hearing
from you shortly.
            Your parts were perfect, thank-you. l want to
order a production quantity soon.
            Products receivedl Thanks Wendy and theVMT team. We are really happy with the endproduct.We love the few with the etched logoand wished we got them all done but that's ok.
- Engineer


          Kind Regards,
Abbott-Chief Engineer
- Project Manager







Our CNC Machining Components for Industrial Applications



Custom CNC Machining Components parts manufacturing is applicable to various industries. Our business has grown to now cover 62 countries worldwide. We have done products in the electronics industry, industrial industry, automotive industry, and medical industry. If you need custom CNC Machining Components parts service, we have rich manufacturing experience and can turn your ideas into products.





Electronic CNC mahcining parts


Industrial CNC mahcining parts


Automotive CNC mahcining parts


Medical CNC mahcining parts

Electronic Industry


Industrial Industry


Automotive Industry


Medical Industry







Start a CNC Machining Parts Project







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