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Why VMT?

  • 13 years experience in precision parts manufacturing

    We have professional equipment and team. We have accumulated 6582 models for customers and cumulative production models: 9628 models. Our business has spread to 62 countries.such as medical automotive plumbing and performance partsagriculture electronics electron hardware video and audio control systems oil & gas industrial energy lighting pressure & filtration systems cooling and heating system.

  • CEO with 25 years + in presicion parts

    We will complete different processing designs based on customers' processing needs and combine different processing techniques to give customers the best solutions such as CNC machining turning milling stamping forging extrusion casting bending welding etc.


    As long as we can do it you only need to provide your project drawings and samples and we can customize and manufacture for you.

  • Provide high quality products with competitive price

    Customized processing can be obtained within 1 day to obtain prototypes and small batch production parts to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost cnc machined products.

VMT can provide various additional custom cnc machining services to better help you complete the project. Such as cnc machining turning milling parts assembly.

  • cnc machining turning milling parts assembly
  • cnc machining turning milling parts assembly

    We provide cnc machining turning milling parts assembly. We have a wide range of applications, it is recommended that you communicate with our sales so that we can understand your exact needs.

  • cnc machining parts Welding


    For example, you want to complete some CNC machining parts by welding. We can need to contact us for more details.

  • Custom packaging

    Custom packaging

    We can choose the appropriate packaging method for high precision machining turning parts to ensure that the product is in good condition before shipping, during shipping and when it reaches your hand.



The difference between sheet stamping and cnc machining


Usually the sheet stamping is made of sheet into a specified shape, and  it is operated with a cutting machine or a bending machine, but custom cnc machining is more complicated. high precision machining turning parts raw material is block, not simply bending and deforming. Compared with stamping, cnc machining turning milling parts is more precision.

We can reduce your manufacturing cost through the combination of two different processing. For some structures, we can also reduce the cost by 50% on the basis of the original.

Upload 2D/3D drawings

Upload Your Files or Contact [email protected] to Get Instant Quote (Please attach 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models in any format including STEP, IGES, DWG, PDF, STL, ZIP, etc.).

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