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Custom POM Nylon Plastic Parts Factory

Custom POM Nylon Plastic Parts Factory

China Custom CNC Machining POM Nylon Plastic Parts Factory

Product Specification:

  • Services : Custom POM Nylon Plastic Parts Factory
  • Supply Ability : 100000 Pieces per Month
  • Material : Ptfe、Peek、Nylon、Pom
  • Surface roughness : Ra 0.1~3.2
  • Surface treatment : Customer's Demand、Anodized 、Plating、PVD 、Nickel Plating、Sandblasting、Powder Cating、Polishing、Multi-color anodized、Painting etc.
  • Tolerance : +/-0.001mm ~ +/-0.05mm
  • Drawing format : CAD file (dwg, dxf, pdf, etc.), 3D File (step, stp, etc), drawing design.
  • Standard or not : Non standard,customized as drawing or sample
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Droduct description

China Custom CNC Machining POM Nylon Plastic Parts Factory





Machining Parameters

Type of machining CNC Machining Product POM Nylon Plastic Parts Precision Finishing
Machining Material Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper The maximum Diameter 46(mm) The Maximum Length 100(mm)
Tolerance 0.02mm Surface Roughness Ra0.8 Processing cycle 8-15 Days
Proofing Cycle 4-7 days Annual Machining Capacity 1000000000(piece) Milling Type CNC Machining

Product Display

CNC Precision Plastic Parts Machining anufacturers







Raw Materials

VMT’s quality control from begining.Check

raw materials’conpoents,size,appearance,etc

before start prdouuction.






VMT owns more than 50 pcs antomatic

machines,making prouducts according

to customers' drwaings.Welcome bulk order!
















Zero defect goal


VMT owns many inspection machine to inspect

product' size,appearance,Anti-corrosion ability,

air-tightness and so on.

Profesional team


VMT provides one stop service and help you

solve all potential problems until you are satisfied.











Choosing proper packing method to make sure

productsare in good condition before shipping,

during transportation,when arrive in

vour hands.





CNC Machining Services

A variety of machining techniques, only for better product details

  •  PO CNC Machining Parts 

  • Bakelite CNC Machining Parts

  • Nylon CNC Machining Parts

  • Fiberglass Cloth CNC Machining Parts


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