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VMT is a CNC machining and manufacturing factory for various electronic equipment casings. With 13 years of experience in CNC machining electronic housings and various types of CNC electronic housing samples, you can send pictures to view and view the factory online, contact us immediately to obtain samples. We can provide you with various types of electronic product casing machining services to meet your customized CNC machining needs.

Custom CNC Plastic Machining Parts Factory

Custom CNC Plastic Machining Parts Factory

China Custom CNC Machining POM Nylon Plastic Parts Factory

Product Specification:

  • Services : Custom CNC Plastic Machining Parts Factory
  • Supply Ability : 100000 Pieces per Month
  • Material : Ptfe、Peek、Nylon、Pom etc.
  • Surface roughness : Ra 0.1~3.2
  • Surface treatment : Customer's Demand.
  • Tolerance : +/-0.001mm ~ +/-0.05mm
  • Drawing format : CAD file (dwg, dxf, pdf, etc.), 3D File (step, stp, etc), drawing design.
  • Standard or not : Non standard,customized as drawing or sample
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China Custom CNC Machining POM Nylon Plastic Parts Factory









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In CNC machining design, plastics are often used to customize CNC plastic parts to verify your creativity. If your idea includes metal material and plastic material, you also need to assign to two different suppliers and finally assemble it yourself? In VMT precision CNC machining factory, there is no need to assemble and separate processing by yourself. VMT precision CNC machining factory can process plastic and metal materials, and provide customers with one-stop service from CNC machining to surface treatment to assembly for a long time, so that your design can be guaranteed. At the same time of performance, it is more attractive to customers in appearance.





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Plastic CNC Machining Services




In the process of developing new parts, will you use plastic prototypes as prototypes for verification? If you need, VMT is a plastic CNC machining manufacturer with 13 years of experience. It provides one-stop service from drawing DFM analysis, CNC prototype machining and manufacturing to surface treatment. There is no MOQ standard. From single parts to small batches and mass production, we will There are professional project engineers to follow up for you, and each production run has detailed records and is transparently shared with customers.



CNC Plastic Prototyping


CNC Plastic Machining Materials


Batch CNC Plastic Machining Parts



CNC Plastic Prototyping


CNC Plastic Machining Materials


Batch CNC Plastic Machining Parts

VMT is one of the best plastic material CNC machining manufacturers with professional plastic machining capabilities. We can process a variety of different plastic manufacturing projects according to customers' ideas and product performance. Our accumulation in plastic machining enables us to quickly customize CNC plastic machining parts according to your application requirements, allowing you to get them within 3 days.    

Capable of manufacturing quality CNC plastic machined parts from over 30 different plastic materials, we have the capability to manufacture high performance plastics in a variety of materials including sheet stock, round rod and more. Common plastic materials used include: ABS, PC, PMMA (acrylic), PA (nylon), glass fiber, POM, PP, PVC, HDPE, PPS, PBT, PEEK, PEI (Ultem), Teflon, Bakelite, Nylon .


VMT has an advanced plastic CNC machining workshop that can provide machining technologies including CNC milling, CNC turning, drilling, tapping, etc. With rich experience in CNC plastic machining parts, we provide high-quality CNC plastic parts at very competitive prices, and we have completed more than 1200 POM Nylon CNC plastic machining projects for our customers.











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What Surface Treatment Can CNC Machining Plastics Do?



VMT precision CNC machining manufacturers can not only do surface treatment for metal parts, plastic parts can also be customized surface treatment: spray painting, silk screen printing, baking varnish, powder spraying, electroplating, laser engraving, polishing transparent, fumigation transparent, dyeing, etc., if you If you need to customize CNC machining in small batches, we can also provide customized packaging services according to your needs, saving you purchasing time and costs.





Spray Painting surface treatment of plastic parts


Anodized surface treatment of plastic parts





Spray Painting












What You Need To Know: How to Choose the Right Plastic Material When CNC Machining Plastic?





ABS CNC Plastic Machining Parts


ABS - CNC Plastic Machining Parts


Color: natural color, black, transparent

  Density: 1.04

Features: High mechanical strength, high stiffness, high surface hardness, high dimensional stability, easy to spray, and electroplating.


Application: Prototype models, plastic cnc machining parts electronic

appliances and other shells and components.

  More Details>>




PMMA custom cnc plastic machining parts


PMMA - CNC Plastic Machining Parts


Color: transparent.

  Density: 1.18
  Features: High mechanical strength, the surface can be polished and transparent, good insulation performance.                                    
  Application: CNC plastic machining parts machine covers and accessories, avionics, aircraft and ships, various lampshades, signage, etc.
  More Details>>



POM custom cnc plastic machining parts


POM - CNC Plastic Machining Parts


Color: White, Black.

  Density: 1.4

Features: High mechanical strength, hardness and compressive strength,

good sliding, wear-resistant, good machinability. 


Application: Suitable for sliding parts, precision mechanical plastic

CNC machining parts and water-resistant parts, such as: bearings, gears, impellers, cams, bushes, washers, handles, fixtures, etc. 

   More Details>>




PTFE custom cnc plastic machining parts


PTFE - CNC Plastic Machining Parts


Color: White.

  Density: 2.16

Features: Wide temperature range (-200℃~+260C), CNC plastic machining

parts strong corrosion resistance,excellent mechanical properties and flame retardancy, and very good wear resistance.


Application: mechanical parts, corrosion resistance industries, oil and gas, instruments and equipment, etc.

  More Details>>



PEEK custom cnc plastic machining parts


PEEK - CNC Plastic Machining Parts


Color: Taupe, Black, Beige.

  Density: 1.32

Features: PEEK CNC plastic machining parts has excellent comprehensive

properties, mechanical properties, high rigidity and hardness, high

temperature resistance of about 260 ° C, excellent chemical resistance

and hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance, UV resistance, radiation resistance, and low flammability.

  Application: PEEK CNC plastic machining is widely used in aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
  More Details>>





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CNC Plastic Machining Services Process


CNC Precision Plastic Parts Machining anufacturers




CNC Plastic Machining Parts DFM Analysis


CNC Plastic Machining Parts Programming


DFM Analysis




Custom CNC plastic machining technology: Our precision CNC machining engineer team formulates the most economical and reasonable machining technology according to customer needs. For major projects, we will discuss with customers, provide constructive suggestions to customers from the perspectives of structure, material selection, surface treatment, etc., solve customer problems, and reduce customer machiningcosts.


More than 15 years of experience in engineering master programming, programming software: MASTERCAM, UG, POWERMILL, other engineering software: CAD, PROE, SOLIDWORKS. VMT precision CNC machining adopts milling technology, which improves the efficiency of rough machining by 50% compared with traditional CNC. It is specially aimed at: fast clamping of complex products, precision products and batch products.




cnc plastic machining parts raw materials


Raw Material Testing


Every batch of raw materials arriving at the factory

must undergo a series of material inspections and

have a material inspection report before they can

be used. Make sure to use real raw materials

for customers.




Tool Detection


After the programming master writes the

CNC machining program, the first thing the operator

has to do is to prepare the required tools in advance.

The concentricity behind the head controls the risk

brought by the tool before processing, and saves the

step of testing the concentricity on the CNC machine,

which improves the machining efficiency.







CNC Plastic Machining Parts Tool detection






CNC Plastic Machining Parts inspection







During the plastic CNC machining parts process,

quality control personnelconduct routine inspections

on all parts being producedevery two hours to

avoid problems and save costs andtime.

Inspection Process


According to the shape and tolerance requirements

of CNC plastic machining parts, colleagues in the

quality department choose three-dimensional,

two-dimensional, altimeter, micrometer and other precision

instruments to measure all dimensions of plastic parts to

ensure that the dimensions of CNC plastic machining parts

meet the requirements of customer drawings.


CNC Plastic Machining Parts inspection process




CNC Plastic Machining Parts Surface Treatment



CNC Plastic Machining Parts Surface Treatment


After the CNC plastic machining parts are tested and

qualified by the colleagues of the quality department, the

corresponding surface treatment of the plastic CNC machining

parts is done according to the customer's needs,

such as: In-Mold Decoration Technology (IMD), painting,

and Out-Mold Decoration-IMD , Painting, Non-Condictive

vacuum Metalize, plastic electroplating, silk screen, Laser,

bite pattern, water transfer printing and other surface treatments,

and various colors can be customized according to customer needs.




Full Inspection


After the surface treatment of CNC plastic machining parts,

there will be certain dimensional tolerances. In order to ensure

that the dimensions of CNC plastic machining parts after

surface treatment are within the precise range required by customers.

Full inspection report before shipment: number of parts,

critical dimensions, threads and tolerances, thickness and depth,

appearance of parts, etc.


CNC Plastic Machining Parts full inspection




CNC Plastic Machining Parts packing





Four layers of protection:

1.Wrapping paper
2.Pearl cotton
4.Use paperlwooden boxes during packaging
Ensure that we provide you with the best quality andmost beautiful 

CNC plastic machining parts.






Transportation :We use express couriersuch as

UPS, DHL,EMS, TNT,FEDEX for sample shipping.

We canarrange air orocean shipping for bulk delivery as yourrequirement.


CNC Plastic Machining Parts shipping





Plastic Product Display

A variety of machining techniques, only for better product details


  •  PO CNC Machining Parts

     PO CNC Machining Parts 

  • Bakelite CNC Machining Parts

    Bakelite CNC Machining Parts

  • Nylon CNC Machining Parts

    Nylon CNC Machining Parts

  • Fiberglass Cloth CNC Machining Parts

    Fiberglass Cloth CNC Machining Parts


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