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Mechanical keyboard shell

Mechanical keyboard shell

Custom CNC Machining Keyboard Plate DIY Anodized Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard Case

Product Specification:

  • BrandName : VMT
  • Name : Mechanical keyboard shell
  • MOQ : 1000
  • Processing : CNC machining
  • Surface treatment : Anodizing
  • Certificate : ISO9001、IATF16949、SGS、RoHS
  • Size : Customer's Demand
  • Standard or not : Non standard,customized as drawing or sample
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Product description


DIY Metal Anodized Keyboard Board GH60 Aluminum Custom CNC Machining Mechanical Keyboard Case


Custom CNC Machining Anodized Aluminum DIY Mechanical Keyboard Case





aluminum custom cnc machining mechanical keyboard case Surface treatment


What is surface treatment(finish)?


1.Make the surface beautiful

2.Keep the surface no change


4.Change the performance of the material

5.Change the color of the parts


aluminum custom cnc machining mechanical keyboard case-6









Mechanical keyboard case production process


aluminum custom cnc machining mechanical keyboard case-9



According to customer requirements by custom cnc machining, our engineers formulate corresponding special tools, fixtures and reasonable tool paths, and finally meet the customer's quality requirements.



Mechanical keyboard shell processing steps



In order to make a high-end aluminum shell with high surface quality, like an Apple mobile phone, we must first start with materials selection. Among the aluminum raw materials, AL6061-T6 and AL6063-T6 are relatively cheap, and there are new materials and secondary materials from the material level. Because the surface needs to be sandblasted by 200# grit, and the content of AL6063 aluminumis higher than that of AL6061, so AL6063 of the new national standard material is the best choice, and a high-quality surface can be obtained.



Mechanical keyboard shell machining details



cnc machining mechanical keyboard case customer Reviews







Company Profile


VMT is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer established in 2010 in Shenzhen, China. We are a manufacturer of OEM and ODM metal parts.

In order to provide high quality and competitive prices, VMT combines different  processing techniques for different designs. Our commitment

is to produce quality parts on time with friendly customers to increase our service business.





5 axis CNC machining parts qc inspection




aluminum mechanical keyboard case FAQ





DIY metal  anodized keyboard board GH60 aluminum custom cnc machining mechanical keyboard case

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