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VMT uses cold forging + CNC Machining to ensure the quality of Galvanometer of laser machine parts and reduce the cost by 60%?


Galvanometer of laser machine parts are machined with square solid materials, and CNC machining takes 35 minutes, which wastes materials and the mahining cost is beyond the customer's acceptable range.In order to reduce costs, our engineers use cold forging, the machining time is reduced to 12 minutes, and the cost is reduced by 60%.


cnc machining Galvanometer of laser machine parts
Cold forging+cnc machining Galvanometer of laser machine parts


Cold forging+cnc machining


According to the above processing method, we have achieved the material required by the customer. During the evaluation process, our engineers also considered using the die-casting to produce, but the die-casting material is ADC12, which cannot meet the customer's requirements, and the strength is lower than the customer's AL6061. For this reason we denied this idea.


T6 heat treatment


According to the customer's drawing requirements, the thickness of the material is thickened, and the surface of an aluminum plate is treated with a film to increase the fluidity of the aluminum in the mold. After the product is T6 heat treated, we made it by CNC Machining according to the customer's drawing.
cold forging machining
cnc machining communication cavity

cnc machining Galvanometer of laser machine parts

Based on the structure of the product and customer requirements, we determine the clamping reference position according to the shape and position tolerance of the part. On the machine, we choose a 3+2CNC workbench for processing. In this way, we can mill 5 surfaces at once and use them directly. twice Machining can be done. saves clamping time and turnaround time, and improves efficiency by 10% again.
Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Pack and ship

Pack and ship

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Your parts were perfect, thank-you. I want to order a production quantity soon.




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