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How to combine cold oil pressure with CNC Turning + CNC Lathe Live Tooling + 5-axis CNC machining to complete this wireless microphone body shell part?


When making the main shell of this microphone at the beginning, the process was bar material + CNC machining, which was a waste of material and long milling time.After mass production, in order to meet customer needs, our engineers changed the process to extrusion + CNC milling. The cost was directly reduced by 50%, and the quality reached the customer's requirements.
For high-quality round tube aluminum CNC Turning parts, our traditional methods are by aluminum rods. This production has a big disadvantage, it takes a long time to process the inner hole and wastes raw materials as well. The most effective method is to use hydraulic extrusion to stretch the blank, then use CNC Turning | CNC Lathe Live Tooling to turn the inner and outer, and then use CNC Machining or 5-axis machining to complete other steps, so that you can Complete parts at the lowest cost.


extrusion + 5-axis CNC machining microphone shell-4
200T stretching machine for processing and cutting

Step 1: use 200T stretching machine and cutting


Before hydraulic stretching, we first make a layer of film on the surface of the raw material and reduce the hardness to 0 state. The purpose of this is to facilitate the fluidity of the raw material in the mold and produce a high-quality embryo.




Step 2: Machining the outer surface and inner wall by lathe


It is necessary to first confirm the benchmark of CNC Turning parts processing time, because it is difficult to turn a part by one process. As long as the parts are completed several machining, a benchmark must be determined to ensure that the subsequent processes are closed. This is to ensure that the CNC Turning | CNC Lathe Live Tooling is the key factor for dimensional stability in mass production.



cnc Machining the outer surface and inner wall of the lathe-3
CNC machining mouth thread and button hole position-1
Step 3: CNC machining on mouth thread and button hole
For each button hole tolerance, we must use easy-to-test gauges to control the consistency. The sharp angles happen easily at button hole , and the product is easy to be white out during surface treatment and spraying. This is the key point of control in this process.
Fuel injection

Step 4:painting

Silk screen

Step 5: Silk screen 

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Customer Reviews

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