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Custom Herb Grinders

Custom Herb Grinders

Custom Design CNC machined aluminum Herb Weed Grinder

Product Specification:

  • BrandName : customers'brand
  • Drawing Format : pdf,dwg,igs,step,stp
  • MOQ : 10Pcs
  • Material Available:Aluminum,Stainless Steel :
  • Processing : 3/4/5 axis CNC Machining, CNC turning
  • Surface Treatment : color andozing, hard anodizing,ceremic coating
  • Certificate : ISO9001、IATF16949、SGS、RoHS
  • Size : 50mm, 60mm, 63mm,76mm, 100mm,Customers' design
  • Packing : design as per customers' request.
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Product description



VMT is mainly focused on the production of customized aluminum herb weed grinder. According to the customer's drawings and designs, make custom aluminum herb weed grinder with competitive styles and prices. VMT is working together to help customers gain a wider sales market and win better customer praise . The custom aluminum herb weed grinder made from VMT has stable and long-lasting quality and unique style. Most of custom aluminum herb weed grinder produced by VMT are made according to the customer's design. Many customers have applied for patents. VMT have also signed a confidentiality agreement with the customer to protect the customer's design from being infringed. Therefore, here, we can only show a part of regular styles and semi-finished products of custom aluminum herb weed grinder.





In the following introduction, VMT will tell you more specific information, such as, how is the customized aluminum herb weed grinder made? How is the quality? On the factory side, what is the process of customized aluminum herb weed grinder? What do I need to do as a buyer if I want to make a customized aluminum herb weed grinder? If you are a wholesaler of custom aluminum herb weed grinder, how do you choose a supplier? If you are an end user of an custom aluminum herb weed grinder, how can you choose a good custom aluminum herb weed grinder?







Drawing View



Pre-Production View


After receiving the customer's design, we will confirm each part requirements of the customized aluminum herb weed grinder by ourselves, including magnets, O-rings, as well as assembly and packaging.


Before trial production and mass production, we will organize engineering department, quality department, business department, production department to hold meetings, and reconfirm the important points to ensure that each customized aluminum herb weed grinder is of high quality.




The customized aluminum herb weed grinders produced by VMT are all made by CNC machining. We have 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines, which can make customized aluminum herb weed grinders of various styles. Some parts will be combined with CNC lathe to produce. In production, we will pay special attention to the size, to ensure that all parts after assembly is very smooth. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the appearance of the product.What we want to guarantee is that in mass production, every customized aluminum herb weed grinder is of good quality.







This is the part of the customized aluminum herb weed grinders in processing. The programmer of VMT have designed the most reasonable CNC tool path to achieve efficient and high-quality processing.


There are many other process to make herb grinders on the market, such as casting or stamping, but after many years experience and feedback, CNC machined custom aluminum herb weed grinders and stainless steel herb grinders, the quality is longer.








For each custom aluminum herb weed grinders, the most basic quality requirement is to have continuously sharp teeth. Therefore, the shape of the teeth, the number of teeth, and the position of the teeth are very important. The processing of custom aluminum herb weed grinders teeth is very important.In the past experience, have you encountered the quality problem of teeth? not being sharp? can't use custom aluminum herb weed grinders for more than a month? If you want really good quality teeth, it is very important in CNC machining, but this is not enough, there are more details, such as material and surface treatment, etc.



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CNC Machining Process



Solid Aluminum


Every customized herb grinder starts from raw materials. Our regular materials are aluminum 6061, 6063, 7075, 5052, etc. More customers choose 6061, and some customers like stainless steel, which is also the material we can machine.





CNC Machining


After checking the material, size and appearance of the raw materials, it is CNC machining, which selects different machines and machining processes according to the structure of the custom aluminum herb weed grinders.




After herb grinders parts finish machining, surface treatment will be done. The regular surface treatment is anodizing and sandblasting. Anodizing can be done in various colors. Sandblasting can cover the machining mark and make the appearance more beautiful. However, in order to maintain sharpness of teeth, the teeth cannot be sandblasted.





When all spare parts are ready and checked, VMT can start assembling the customized aluminum herb weed grinders. During assembly, we need to check the appearance of the parts again, whether they are smooth after assembly, whether the magnets are strongly sticken on, and whether the O-rings are tight, whether there is noise when opening and closing, and whether there is color difference between each part. Whether the mesh is installed in place, whether the surface is flat.

























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