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2021: 5 CNC Precision Machining Parts Methods that Determine Performance and Quality

15   |   Published by VMT at Aug 25 2021



CNC high-precision machining or computer numerical control machine tool machining is basically as common as non-standard parts and standard parts. Relying on CNC machining technology, the entire cutting process is carried out by an electronic computer, which correctly guides mechanical equipment and complex special tools.


As far as high-quality CNC machining is concerned, precision is the key to the quality of CNC machined parts. The key to making the entire process cost-effective is accuracy, so you can expect every component to perform as expected.





The Application Basis of CNC Machining Service Items:






What is "Precision CNC Machining"?



Small and exquisite, no matter from the material or the CNC machining process, it is made with very careful craftsmanship. It is definitely not a mass-produced part, but a kind of machining. For precision parts, processing is very strict. The accuracy of parts also represents one of the foundations of a company's competitiveness.




2021 5 CNC Precision Machining Parts Methods that Determine Performance and Quality




Is "CNC Machining" the Same as "Precision Machining"?




High-precision machining involves removing raw materials from metal parts or blanks (also known as "subtractive manufacturing") to produce custom machined designed parts while maintaining strict dimensional tolerances. Generally used in lathes, milling machines are used to remove the raw material layer.


CNC machining is also a processing method of high-precision machining. The difference lies in its automation technology, which can meet the requirements of high CNC precision tolerances. CNC machining can not only achieve complexity and precision that cannot be achieved by traditional precision machining technology, cutting to 0.001 feet or about 1/4 of the total width of a human hair, but also cost-effective in the production of complex parts.


In terms of meeting quality and performance requirements, CNC precision machining has some specific methods.






CNC Precision Machining Method Determines Performance and Quality




1. Processing technology


CNC machining equipment is indeed the best. No matter what type of CNC lathe is used, the electronic computer components are "on-site operators", and CNC machining can now process a variety of materials. Gone are the days when people used levers and pressed buttons.



2. Shorten the cycle time and reduce the cost of human capital.


CNC's improved production and manufacturing automation technology and the ability to write programs without the use of terminal equipment are conducive to reducing reliance on mechanics and operators, and can also meet production requirements. Whether it is to produce one hundred or thousands of CNC machined parts, CNC equipment is designed for higher precision and accuracy.


Operators maintain special tools, load parts, and perform offline practical operations, such as grinding and polishing and quality inspections. Since the operator is responsible for production, it is assumed that the operator can use several CNC equipment. This structure allows novice operators to increase productivity and develop professional skills over time, which is important when the human capital pool of experienced mechanics continues to decline.



3. CNC application


The flexibility of CNC machining can be used to process a variety of materials and may benefit from metal processing, automobiles, aerospace, agriculture, construction, power generation, marine, transportation, entertainment and consumer goods, military/defense, industrial equipment, etc. Therefore, it can Help companies of any size compete in the creation of custom machined parts and designs. In addition, high-precision tolerances can be repeatedly achieved, thereby building customer confidence.



4. Improved the performance and stability of special tools


Usually, countless identical parts are required. Without the precision of CNC, this is impossible. Although some areas can accept traditional basic processing, other industries require dimensional tolerances as small as +/- .0005.

When the production part approval process is underway, everything is ready to produce repeated order information again and again. The fixture has been set up. The special tools are ready, and the program flow has been certified. The quality steps are already very timely. Today, the equipment uses the same cutting and maintains the same high quality.



5. Quality of CNC precision machining parts


The quality of CNC precision machined parts is unparalleled. It can work 24 hours a day and only requires preventive maintenance. Advanced software is relatively easier to meet the design specification revisions of complex parts. In addition, extensive testing of complex CNC precision machined parts ensures that high-quality machining and advanced technology are used to meet customer quality requirements.








CNC machining is also a processing method of CNC precision machining. Compared with traditional precision machining, it improves the precision of precision machined parts, reduces the error of precision machined parts, improves work efficiency in time, and automates production to reduce human capital costs. In general, the decision of CNC precision machining is determined by precision, quality, tool performance and stability, and the cost cycle of personnel.








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