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What is the CNC machining price of aluminum alloy parts?

162   |   Published by VMT at Jun 22 2021



The process cost of aluminum CNC machining parts is high. But in order to increase the metal texture of the customer's products, the appearance quality is the same as that of the Apple mobile phone, thereby increasing the added value of the product brand. The engineers of the VMT engineering team have been studying the use of CNC machining to produce the lowest cost aluminum parts.


Aluminum cnc machining parts price



Aluminum CNC machining processing parts technology selection: First, we will study the structure of aluminum parts, and plan the production and processing technology of the parts according to the structural characteristics and requirements of the customer's designer. A reasonable plan is the most critical step for cost and quality assurance. , Is also the first step to start a project. The principle of process selection is: give priority to the use of mold processing embryos and cnc processing, such as: die casting and CNC machining processing, forging and CNC mchining, stamping and CNC machining processing, etc.


The choice of aluminum alloy CNC machining parts manufacturers: different aluminum alloy CNC machining parts manufacturers have their own advantages. Small factories are suitable for proofing, and large factories are suitable for large quantities. We need to find a suitable CNC machining processing plant according to our needs. Their costs are completely different. Choosing a prototype factory for prototype processing, and a large number of outsourcing to large factories will definitely increase costs.


Selection of CNC machining machine tools for aluminum parts: Each machine tool has its own advantages. Knowing what kind of structure is suitable for that type of equipment, the processing efficiency is higher, and the quality is more stable. This is a question that engineers need to consider. For example: precision engraving machine, fast drilling and tapping machine, machining center, five-axis machining center, etc.



Based on the above reasons, what is the CNC machining processing price of aluminum alloy parts? Let's start with the following points:

1. Is it possible to select a suitable process and combine process considerations to save processing time and material costs?


2. It depends on your Aluminum cnc machining parts drawings and technical requirements.


3. Select the corresponding machine for processing. Generally, domestic engraving machines are calculated at USD 7 per hour. Drilling and tapping machines are calculated at $10 per hour. The 5-axis machining center is calculated at $20 per hour.


4. There are differences in Aluminum cnc machining parts materials and labor in different places, and price differences in some places are still large.


5. General Aluminum cnc machining parts are calculated based on material cost + processing cost + profit. The processing cost depends on the process. The price of different processing equipment is of course different, and some are calculated by working hours (turning time, grinding time, etc.). Some are calculated according to the process.


6. There is also a question of quantity. In terms of a single piece, it is a small piece with scattered materials. Calculate the price of the entire Aluminum cnc machining parts.

7. The problem of the processing plant. If the Aluminum cnc machining processing parts plant can handle it by itself, of course there is no problem. If the processing plant has to outsource part of the process, the price will increase accordingly. Therefore, for aluminum alloy CNC machining, we must choose a suitable and reliable CNC machining processing manufacturer to avoid more costs.



Many customers do not understand why the quotations of different aluminum alloy CNC machining processing parts manufacturers are very different? In fact, in addition to the cost mentioned above, there are the following factors:


1. The Aluminum cnc machining processing parts quantity problem, the price of a single piece and a large batch may be very different.


2. The complexity and tolerance of the workpiece, especially the shape and position tolerance, that is, the accuracy level, also has a great influence on the quotation of the workpiece.

3. The local hourly rate also has a lot to do; there is also the material, the degree of easy cutting, these factors will affect the quotation, so the Aluminum cnc machining processing parts quotation issue is a comprehensive issue.



Welcome everyone to participate in the exploration, create better value for customers, and provide superior products for final consumers!



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