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How to Make an Inspection Report for CNC Machined Parts Before Leaving the Factory?

916   |   Published by VMT at Jun 12 2021


After the milling turning parts are machined, they need to be inspected. Some companies choose random inspection or full inspection. Sampling inspections and full inspections are to detect defective products in machining and production, and at the same time help the later machining of products. When in use, the processing inspection report will be delivered to the customer along with the product. At present, how about the parts inspection report in the machining field? VMT focuses on high-precision CNC machining. We will share the inspection reports of conventional machined parts for you.



CNC machined parts factory




ONE:General Rules for Inspection Report of CNC machined parts factory




1. Inspectors need to have more professional knowledge and practical work experience, and also need to meet the requirements of advanced machined parts for inspection work;


2. The inspector needs to be familiar with the relevant drawings and technical documents before accepting the product, and understand the key dimensions and assembly points of the machined parts;



3. The measuring instruments used by the inspectors need to be verified by the metrological department and within the specified verification period;


4. The inspector shall mark the products in the workshop according to the regulations;



5. The inspector needs to judge the parts strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings and technical documents;





TWO:Inspection report system for CNC machined parts factory 




1. First inspection system: The first piece machined by each operator must be inspected in an all-round way, and kept and recorded;



2. Inspection system: The key to inspection is to control the quality of parts during the machining of parts;



3. Sequential inspection system: inspect the machined parts that will be transferred to the next process to prevent defective products from flowing into the next process;



4. Finished product inspection system: the finished product will be inspected for the products that will be put into storage after the production is completed, including the size and shape, whether there are missing machining procedures, etc.





Three: Inspection method of CNC machined parts factory




1. Basic size and shape check



A: Outer diameter measurement:


When measuring the outer diameter, it is necessary to measure and record at two positions in the circumferential direction. When the length of the part diameter is greater than 50mm, the straightness should be checked. The working surface of the knife-edge ruler is in contact with the outer diameter bus bar, observe the width of the building, and then judge with the standard optical gap;



B: Inside diameter measurement


When inspecting the inner diameter of the part, only need to measure and record at three positions in the circumferential direction. When the diameter and length are greater than 40mm, the cylindricity should be checked. Within the length range of the same diameter, two positions with a larger interval should be taken for measurement. Calculate the cylindricity error;




C: Length measurement


External thread measurement: The middle needle diameter of the external thread is measured with a threaded ring gauge or the small diameter is measured with a threaded ring gauge (through gauge).


Internal thread measurement: the outer diameter of the internal thread is tested with a threaded plug gauge (through gauge), and the middle diameter is tested with a threaded plug gauge.




Surface plane inspection of CNC machined parts



A: Surface roughness detection: use the sample block comparison method to compare and judge.


B: Flatness inspection: use the measurement method to test, place three adjustable supports on the board, place the parts on the support point, measure the surface upward, adjust the support point so that the height of the three points is the same, and the measured peak and valley values are The flatness error of the plane.





Therefore, both CNC machined parts manufacturers and customers need to pay attention to the above factors when delivering and receiving products. As a processing plant, product testing must be comprehensive and complete, and detailed records must be made. When the product is delivered, it should be more convenient to dock with the other party. At the same time, users can intuitively see whether the product requirements have been fully realized. This is related to the later part assembly and even the use performance of the later finished product. The above are some of the main points of the inspection report of precision machined parts factory.




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