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What affects the cost of custom CNC machining machined parts?

136   |   Published by VMT at Jun 23 2021




The cost of custom CNC machining parts includes processing time, processing equipment, material costs, surface treatment methods, etc. How to control the cost of China's customized parts to the best, VMT13 years of CNC parts machining processing experience analysis and summary:




1. How to reduce the mchining processing cost of customized parts?


Certain expenses will be incurred when the project starts. These costs are related to the preparation of CAD files and process planning, and are of great significance to small batch production. The custom CNC machining parts cost is fixed, and there is an opportunity to reduce the unit price through the use of "economies of scale", such as evaluating the price of MOQ, and controlling the cost at custom CNC machining parts the beginning of the project.




2. What is the impact of custom CNC machining parts time on costs?



The longer it takes to process the part, the higher the cost. Processing time is usually the main cost driver. When the project is imported, perform DFM evaluation, customize the tool according to the number of parts, and optimize the tool path. The efficiency can be increased by more than 20%. We have verified many cases to prove that the efficiency of programs compiled by different engineers is very different, so DFM is the participation of a team to keep the CNC machining time at a reasonable value, which is a necessary condition for controlling the cost of custom CNC machining parts.





3. What is the impact of custom CNC machining processing parts manufacturing equipment on the cost?



The machines required to manufacture the parts can greatly affect the cost. Can CNC machining centers use one multi-axis machine tool to complete parts, or do they need multiple machines? How many different machines and operations are needed? What size machine do I need? Modern processing and manufacturing equipment is very expensive, and the types, brands, quality, size, and capabilities of machinery and equipment vary. These factors must be considered before determining the exact cost of custom CNC machining parts or product.





4. How to control the material cost of custom CNC machinig parts?



The cost of materials and the ease of processing greatly affect the overall cost of custom CNC machining parts. Optimizing the design while considering some material factors can greatly reduce the price. Modern tools and mechanical technology continue to advance, and the processing speed of some materials is much slower than other materials. Certain materials wear cutting tools, and even one part consumes multiple tools. If you ask the store to handle potentially hazardous materials that require additional safety precautions, the overall cost may increase significantly. Therefore, before the component design, the material selection of the component may also be a huge cost factor.





5. What effect does the structural size of custom CNC machined parts have on the cost?



The size and overall geometry of the part are of course important factors in the quotation of machining operations. Obviously, the larger the physical part, the more materials are required for manufacturing. The more detailed and complex the geometric design, the higher the manufacturing cost. Parts that require very tight tolerances, longer tools to achieve better surface finish or difficult to form geometric shapes are more costly than simple custom CNC machinig parts. It is very easy to design parts that cannot be manufactured or that are too costly to manufacture. It is always wise to consult a knowledgeable manufacturer during the design phase of a part. This knowledge can help you design parts with complete functions and high manufacturing efficiency.





6. How much is the surface treatment cost of custom CNC machined processed parts?



Other products require additional processing, such as heat treatment, special processing operations, surface treatment and professional coating. All these requirements will increase the processing cost of the parts, and evaluate the necessity and value. The appearance requirement of surface treatment is the biggest factor of cost. For example, the size of a sandblasted model is an example. The choice of coarse sand can make all the surface knife marks and non-inductive scratches of the material be processed, which is one of the best means to control custom CNC machinig processing parts costs.





7. How to control the cost of custom CNC machinig parts design guide?



Are your CAD and 3D drawings accurate, detailed and complete? You may need the help of an experienced engineer or mechanic to complete your part design to ensure that your finished product is discharged as expected. Tolerance analysis can easily be overlooked, and it can also randomly cause assembly or functional problems. This design consultation phase can add some initial costs to the custom CNC machined parts project, but it can save a lot in the long run. It is better to ensure that your drawings and 3D models communicate with what you are looking for before manufacturing begins, rather than making twice to get what you need. Lack of dimensions or specifications may hinder the production process and cause excessive efficiency losses, and seek this information at the same time.





In Conclusion:



In order to reduce custom CNC machinig parts costs to a greater extent, before submitting a quotation, please consider the following questions:



Is my part optimized using the "Design for Machinability" guidelines?


Are all the functions in the model necessary? Can I delete or simplify any of them and still keep all my functions?


Can my design be divided into multiple parts for CNC machining and then assembled?


Is there a way to modify my design to eliminate the need for multiple machine setups or special tools?


Is there a cheaper or easier-to-process material that can meet my design requirements?






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