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How does VMT help customers design and optimize the structure of processed parts?


I received a thank-you letter from the customer today, an unexpected surprise. I am very happy to share this case with more designers, so that everyone can avoid detours in similar designs.



Nowadays, the design of products is often more ingenious, so that they can be more favored by consumers. Some time ago, VMT received an order for a wine corkscrew. The client's creativity is very good. He wants to implement a rotating function similar to lipstick on the bottle opener, that is, by rotating the outer shell, the inner core rod can be extended or hidden. 
But the client only provided a rough structure diagram. The most important thing is how to realize the structure of the product's zoom function. He did not design it. The client means that he does not know how to design and does not understand the principle. Please help him optimize the structure and realize its function.





After receiving the task, the VMT engineer carefully studied and discussed, and finally made the following changes to the customer's structure:
One: The integrated fixed cylinder on the mandrel is changed to a split spring cylinder. The reason for this change is to make the cylinder elastic and smoothly embedded in the shell.
Two: Cancel the thread on the inner shell. The reason for this change is the interference between the thread and the spiral groove inside the housing.
1. The inner shell is divided into two parts and fixed with M4 screws.
2. Under the condition that the function and appearance are not affected, the total length is shortened by 20MM, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost.
3. Add a floating platform inside the shell, leaving a gap of 0.15mm between the inner shells, so that the inner shell can rotate 360 degrees without shaking. 
4. Under the condition that the function and appearance are not affected, the total length is shortened by 20mm, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost.
After the efforts of VMT engineers, this product finally achieves the functions that customers want perfectly. After the customer received the product, they were very satisfied. Thank you: Thanks to the VMT team for their cooperation and hard work! Let my product go on the market smoothly! Looking forward to long-term cooperation with you! In this regard, we VMT people would like to say: In the fiercely competitive machining industry, our greatest value is to help customers solve their pain points and solve problems that other suppliers cannot solve at the lowest cost!

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