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How to use extrusion + cnc machining to reduce the cost of aluminum metal machining parts?

264   |   Published by VMT at Jul 06 2021

Why understand aluminum extrusion? Aluminum is our most common metal. Most engineers, including ourselves, are most familiar with injection molding and stamping, but they know very little about aluminum extrusion. But a trend we see is that aluminum extrusion is more and more used in various industries, and the use of aluminum extrusion can play an unexpected role in reducing costs and reducing weight. Only by fully understanding the relevant knowledge of aluminum extrusion molding process, molds, characteristics and applications, can we have the ability to design CNC aluminum machined parts and ensure the high quality and low cost of CNC machining aluminum parts. This is the best way to perform DFM.


cnc machining aluminum parts



Definition of aluminum extrusion process


Aluminum extrusion molding (or aluminum extrusion molding) is to apply strong pressure to the aluminum billet placed in the die (or extrusion cylinder) to force the cnc machining aluminum parts billet to produce directional plastic deformation and extrude it from the die hole of the extrusion die . A plastic processing method to obtain parts or semi-finished products with the required cross-sectional shape, size and certain mechanical properties.


Features of aluminum extrusion


1. During the extrusion process, the extruded metal can obtain a stronger and more uniform compressive stress state in the deformation zone than forging, which can give full play to the plasticity of the CNC machined aluminum metal parts itself;


2. Extrusion can produce not only bars, tubes, profiles, and wire products with simple cross-sectional shapes, but also profiles and tubes with complex cross-sectional shapes;


3. Extrusion molding has great flexibility. Only by replacing the extrusion tools such as molds, CNC machining aluminum parts of different shapes, specifications and varieties can be produced on one equipment. It is simple, fast, time-saving and not easy to replace the extrusion die;


4. The precision of extruded products is high, the surface quality of CNC machinied aluminum parts is good, and the utilization rate and yield of metal materials are also improved;


5. The extrusion process has a good effect on the mechanical properties of the metal;


6. Short process flow and CNC machining aluminum parts convenient production. One-time extrusion can obtain an overall structure with a larger area than hot die forging or forming rolling. Low equipment investment, low mold cost and high economic efficiency;


How to use extrusion + cnc machining to reduce the cost of aluminum metal machining parts?


As one of the machining processes with few CNC machining aluminum metal  parts and no cutting, extrusion is an advanced part processing method in modern metal processing. The extrusion process uses molds to control the flow of metal and relies on a large transfer of softened metal volume to form the required parts. Therefore, the success or failure of the extrusion process is closely related to the design of the mold structure of the CNC machined aluminum parts, the mold material and the softening of the metal blank.


The following matters need to be paid attention to during the CNC machining of aluminum parts profiles:



1. Control the force during the fixture installation process to prevent the CNC machining aluminum metal parts from deforming due to over-tightening.


2. Optimize the tool. Due to the relatively large plasticity of aluminum profiles, the CNC machining aluminum metal parts cutting deformation will be more serious. Therefore, a larger chip space should be provided to ensure the normal operation of the tool, and the number of teeth of the tool should be as small as possible.


3. Control the cutting speed. The cutting speed of CNC machining of aluminum parts profiles should not be too fast. Since aluminum profiles are softer than steel, the cutting speed is much faster. Too fast will cause many problems.


How to use extrusion to reduce the price of CNC machining aluminum parts?


Many design engineers seeking cost savings often neglect to manufacture CNC machined aluminum parts from extruded , which is considered an expensive and challenging process. This can be a costly mistake. Extruded aluminum can allow Machining manufacturers to produce a small number of complex profiles, which can save the actual production cost of the enterprise and the cost of the entire product life cycle.


Before designing the extruded profile, it is necessary to communicate with the customer to confirm the appearance level of the product and whether the product is an appearance part or a structural part. If it is a structural part, the dimensional tolerance is relatively loose, then all the external dimensions can be achieved, without the need to use CNC to finish the appearance surface. After CNC machined aluminum parts, spray 80 or 100# glass sand, which can basically cover slight scratches on the surface after oxidation, which can reduce CNC machined aluminum parts costs.



TO sum up


How to use extrusion + cnc machining to reduce the cost of CNC aluminum Machining metal parts? If you want to know more, please contact us for consultation. Of course, you can also send an email to our mailbox for project consultation, and we will reply to our CNC machining quotation online within 24 hours. Looking forward to your next project.



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