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What Aspects Should the CNC Turning Accuracy be Guaranteed?

7   |   Published by VMT at Sep 23 2022




CNC turning accuracy refers to the degree of conformity between the actual geometric parameters of the workpiece surface after machining and the expected geometric parameters, and the higher the degree of conformity, the higher the CNC machining accuracy. If the actual value deviates from the expected value diameter, it is the CNC machining error, and the size of the CNC machining error directly affects the accuracy of the CNC machining. This article will introduce the relevant content based on the machining accuracy of CNC lathes.



On the basis of traditional lathes, CNC lathes are transformed and developed with computer numerical control technology. They are mainly used for CNC turning services and processing, including taper, spherical, end face, knurling, drilling and grooving. It operates in the same way as a conventional lathe, while the purpose of a CNC lathe is to use modern technology and tools to improve the quality and productivity of CNC turned parts.



For enterprises engaged in CNC turning machining, they have encountered the problem of changes in workpiece accuracy. When the first piece was manufactured, the accuracy of the workpiece was within the tolerance range, but when the batch CNC machining was performed, the accuracy was inaccurate. Generally speaking, the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe was unstable. factor. Let's take a look at what is the reason that affects the machining accuracy of CNC turning? What aspects can be used to ensure the machining accuracy of CNC turning?








Reasons Affecting CNC Turning Machining Accuracy


1. The reason of the CNC lathe itself: The main reason that affects the machining accuracy of CNC parts is the error of the CNC lathe itself. If there are errors in the manufacture and installation of the parts of the CNC lathe itself, or the CNC lathe is worn after a period of use, There will be certain deviations in the size and shape of the workpiece. The main reason for the great influence on the accuracy of CNC parts is the error of the spindle rotation and guide rails of the CNC lathe.


2. The reason of the tool: The manufacturing error of the tool or the wear during use is the main reason for the error of the tool. The influence of tool error on the machining accuracy of CNC parts mainly depends on the type and material of the tool. For example, the size of tools such as reamers and drills will directly affect the size of CNC turning parts. The shape of tools such as turning and milling cutters directly affects the shape of the workpiece.


3. Reasons for process mechanics: The process system will be deformed under the action of the clamping force of the fixture and the cutting force of the tool, which will destroy the positional relationship between the components of the adjusted process system, cause processing errors, and affect the process. Reliability of CNC machining process. Mainly consider the deformation of the lathe, the deformation of the workpiece and the overall deformation of the process system.



How to ensure CNC turning accuracy?


1. The lathe itself


If the precision of the CNC lathe is less than 0.01mm, then no matter what, it is impossible to process the workpiece with the precision of 0.001m on this CNC lathe. If there are errors in the parts of the CNC lathe itself, we can ensure the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe by adjusting the components. It is necessary to adjust the clearance of the CNC lathe spindle to improve the accuracy of the spindle bearing; adjust the inserts on the medium and small slides to make The gap is less than 0.04mm, and the movement is smooth and light.



2, The tool aspect


Reasonably select the material and geometric parameters of the tool, and select the appropriate tool and the angle of the tool nose according to the material of the CNC part. In the process of CNC turning, it is necessary to pay attention to the wear of the tool, and to always maintain the smoothness and sharpness of the cutting edge; increase the area of ​​the tool shank and shorten the extension length of the tool shank to improve the rigidity of the tool.








3. Fixtures


Choose a reasonable clamping method. Generally, three-jaw chucks are used for direct clamping of shaft workpieces. For some special workpieces, the clamping method must be selected reasonably, otherwise the quality of CNC machined parts will be adversely affected, so that the accuracy of CNC lathes cannot be exerted. Processing advantages.



4. In Terms of Cutting Amount


Select a reasonable cutting amount. When roughing, it is necessary to select the largest cutting amount and feed rate as possible, and then determine a reasonable cutting speed. When performing finishing, it is necessary to select a small amount of cutting and feed, and at the same time try to increase the cutting speed according to the geometric parameters of the tool to ensure the precision of CNC machining and improve production efficiency.



All in all, the machining accuracy of CNC lathes can be guaranteed from the lathe itself, tools, fixtures, cutting amount and other aspects. The quality of CNC turning parts is usually affected to a certain extent by the machining accuracy of CNC lathes, so we need to strictly control the size and shape of the parts to be machined.






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