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Why are Aluminum CNC Machined Parts so Expensive?

16   |   Published by VMT at Oct 18 2022




The key single-piece and batch prices are different. If there is no batch machining of aluminum CNC parts, the unit price will be higher. First, you need to buy aluminum raw materials, make part blanks, write programs, and then prepare tools, arrange fixtures, set tools, find origin, transfer programs, Aluminum data parts machining, final shaving, post-machining, but also packaging and shipping. It should include the cost of running the machine, the programmer's salary, the depreciation of the machine tool, electricity, cutting fluid... These are all costs. So why is it so expensive to process aluminum alloy parts, each process needs a special person to operate. VMT is a CNC machining factory with 13 years of experience, with complete equipment, CNC turning/milling/grinding/drilling/machining, welcome partners who have parts machining needs to call for quotation.




CNC machining parts




Cost Factors for Aluminum CNC Machining:




1) CNC machining time


The longer the machining time of aluminum CNC parts, the higher the CNC machining cost. CNC machining time is a major driver of CNC cost.



2) CNC machining material cost


Billet material cost is an important part of CNC machining cost. Material costs can be reduced through optimized design to maximize the use of standardized blanks and to reduce scrap. At present, aluminum is one of the most affordable and easy-to-process raw materials.



3) Installation time


When the batch size is small, the preparation of the geometric model and the planning of the CNC machining process seriously affect the CNC machining cost of aluminum parts. This part of the cost is a fixed cost that can be amortized by high-volume CNC machining production.




4) Other design factors


When the machining design of CNC parts has special requirements (such as precision tolerance requirements and thin-walled designs), special tools, more precise quality control, lower CNC machining speeds, and more complex CNC machining steps are required. Affect CNC machining cost. VMT has long been committed to the machining of high-precision, complex and easily deformed metal and plastic parts, light alloy and composite materials (such as aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, etc.) parts of small and medium-sized CNC machining and manufacturing, as well as robot parts procurement and customized CNC machining services.

Without such cost awareness, an engineer is not an engineer, just a draftsman who can use Creo, UG or Solidworks.







The above is just a summary of the VMT CNC machining factory. If you want to know more about CNC machining, you can contact us: [email protected] to negotiate with us.




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